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"With passion,
nothing is impossible.



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The Story

Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Mr Tan Heng Yuen entered the film industry in the late 90s. In his early years, he started his film career as a freelancer, working on film sets in the camera cabin, before moving to Hong Kong to gain more experience.


Upon his return to Malaysia, he started working in an equipment rental company,


Towards his third year of employment, he took over the position as Rental Manager. His years of experience in this position opened up opportunities for him to establish his own company, Asia Film Equipment Sdn. Bhd., now known as AFE amongst the rental companies in the film industry.

He saw the opportunity for Malaysia to develop as a creative shooting hub and believes in taking initiative and risk. He has invested extensively in filming equipment in recent years, with the thought of staying ahead of the sector as the film industry changes greatly in technological advancements. Such investment invites international production to produce their films in Malaysia, not only providing jobs for local filmmaking crews but also creating opportunities for knowledge exchange. AFE can then benefit Malaysian projects with state-of-the-art equipment and advanced information, thereby improving the quality of local films.

His motto is "With passion, nothing is impossible."

Over the years, he has worked closely with many producers, directors and cinematographers. Regardless of the size of the budget, he has taken up each project with the same passion and commitment with the aim of completing the shoot in a satisfactory manner. He believes that every successful project will lead to future opportunities.

Although it has not been an easy journey, his belief and passion for the Malaysian film industry has seen his company continue to grow, making AFE one of the most trusted equipment rental companies in Malaysia.

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